Win the pitch timeline

Here’s Sam’s Miricle Pitch Competition Timeline

If you’re looking for some concept stuff, checkout

Your mission

your mission is to get as much traction as possiable. traction > plans

EZ-PZ ways to get traction:

3 Weeks Out - Talk to People:

  • Survey 10+ friends if they like it
  • Survey 10+ people who might actually want it (think internet forums & social media)
  • If there is a big org you want to work with, reach out the them now.

2 Weeks Out - Make it Real:

  • Make a squarespace landing page where you can collect people’s email so you can tell them when it’s ready. send that landing page to the people you surveyed
  • Make a prototype of whatever youre doing, even if you don’t know how. there is always a way to make a simple verson of what you’re doing with the skills you have. google it.

1 Week Out - Tell People About It:

now it’s tome to make your pitch! Here’s how a pitch goes:

  • Brief intro
  • Lay the problem out
  • Introduce your solution
  • Talk about how it’s different from what’s out there
  • Short term vision
    • Why you need to win
  • Traction
  • Long term vision
  • Team/advisors
  • Conclusion

Now let’s dive into this - Brief intro “Hi hello, My name is ____, and I’m here to present

  • Lay the problem out what specefically are you fixing? tell a story. take an example of someone who you talked to and tell a story about it. “ has a problem. They feel/do . gosh that sucks”

  • Introduce your solution “they need ! Our product solves

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