Hello! My name is Sam Borick, and I’m a developer who speaks business. I’ve been building mobile apps since I was in high school. I got my start building production mobile apps when I started my first company, HungerPerks. That experience taught me that the most important thing about apps isn’t the software, it’s the understanding.

You can find me on Linkedin.

Pepware Services

Simple Mobile Applications

Not all apps have to be complicated. Do you just need an app that gives your customers some useful information offline? Do you need something that asks them questions and sends you their answers?

You can read all about simple apps at Our Homepage. Reach out today and see if simple apps are right for you!

Software Strategy Consulting

The hardest part of building good software is knowing what to build. And the decision of what to build has to be informed on how it would potentially be built, and what the pros and cons are. At Pepware we excel at understanding what problem you need solved, formulating what software fills that need the best, and architecting how that software will work most effectively for you.

Custom Full Stack Development

Some apps need to do a lot. From advanced data collection to innovated user interfaces to integrate with existing services, we can make it happen.

Full stack development means that we’re able to build web interfaces, mobile applications, and all of the infrastructure needed for those to work including APIs, server-side processing, and database management.

Our favorite technologies are:

1. Ionic
2. Golang
3. Angular
4. C# .NET
5. Xamarin
6. PostgreSQL
7. SQL Server
8. Azure
9. AWS
10. C++
11. Visual Basic

And we’re ready to learn more!

Blockchain Expertise

We have experience developing distributed applications using web3 and solidity in the Ethereum ecosystem.


We use different pricing models to fit different situations.

Sometimes work can be well understood before we even start. Projects like that can be done for a fixed cost with set milestones.

Other times projects are complicated and need to be explored. Projects like that are done on an hourly basis.